Oracle B2B (10.1.2)

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Oracle Integration B2B is a multi-protocol gateway that enables the deployment of industry recognized standards. This course deals with understanding the architecture of Oracle Integration B2B and details of creating and managing trading partners, work with different business protocols, understand and use business protocol editor, create agreement between two partners. Also this course deals with the integration of B2B with BPEL.


  • Knowledge of at least one B2B standard (EDI, RosettaNet..)
  • Basic understanding of XML
  • Basic understanding of Web Services
  • Understand Oracle B2B integration Architecture
  • Understand Business protocols supported by Oracle B2B Integration
  • Create and test Guidelines using Document Editor (SpecBuilder)
  • Validate Business documents using Document Editor
  • Create and manage trading partners
  • Create business agreements between trading partners
  • Understand and work with documents batching
  • Create different reports (such as Status report)
  • Handle different exceptions
  • Invoke BPEL process from B2B
Course Content

Introduction and concepts

  • Introduction to Oracle Application Server Integration B2B
  • Getting Started with the User Interface Tool
  • Supported Protocols
  • Communicating with Host Trading Partner Applications

Introduction to Document Editor (SpecBuilder)

  • Exploring workspace
  • Working with Guidelines
  • Working with test data
  • Validating Data files
  • Advanced topics

Using the User Interface for Design-Time and Deployment Tasks

  • Managing Business Protocols
  • Creating Trading Partners
    Managing Trading Partners
  • Managing Callouts
  • Creating and Managing Trading Partner Agreements
  • Creating and Deploying a Configuration

Using Scripts and Utilities

  • API for Creating Trading Partners and Agreements
  • Utilities for Enqueuing and Dequeuing
  • Batching and Debatching EDI Transaction Sets

Administration, Monitoring, and Security Tasks

  • Administering Oracle Application Server Integration B2B
  • Creating Reports
  • Oracle Application Server Integration B2B Security

Exception Handling

    • Outbound Message Exceptions
    • Inbound Exception Handling Scenario
Course Duration

2 days