Oracle Enterprise Service Bus (10.1.3)

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Oracle Enterprise Service Bus provides seamless integration of data and enterprise applications within your organization and with trading partners. Oracle Enterprise Service Bus is a key component of a Service-Oriented Architecture, providing low-cost, standards-based integration between systems.
In this course you will learn to create, configure and test the ESB services and adapter services.


  • Knowledge of XML technologies (XML, XSD, XPATH…)
  • Knowledge of Web service technologies (WSDL, SOAP, and UDDI)
  • Describe the ESB Architecture within Oracle SOA Suite10g
  • Describe the components of ESB
  • Configure Service Adapters
  • Implement Message Routing
  • Perform transformations
  • Add filters to message routing
  • Create and deploy ESB projects
  • Understand and implement domain value mapping
  • Monitor message instances in ESB console
  • Understand and use Oracle Web Service Monitor
Course Content

Introduction to Oracle Enterprise Service Bus

  • ESB concepts
  • Oracle Enterprise Service Bus Architecture
  • Creating, Configuring, and Managing Oracle Enterprise Service Bus
  • Managing Oracle Enterprise Service Bus Components

Developing the Enterprise Service Bus

  • Introduction to JDeveloper
  • Applications and ESB Projects
  • Understanding ESB Services and Service groups
  • Registering ESB projects and services
  • Testing ESB projects

Inbound and Outbound Services

  • Adapter Framework
  • Supported and Bundled Adapters
  • Oracle Application Adapter Service
  • File and FTP Adapter
  • Advanced Queuing
  • Database and JMS adapters

Routing Services and Routing Rules

  • Introducing routing services and routing rules
  • Specifying routing services
  • Specifying Routing Rules
  • Working with Filters

XSLT Data Mapper and Transformations

  • Introduction to XSLT Data mapper
  • Using Data mapper to create xsl
  • Mapping basics
  • Adding functions
  • Working with XPATH expressions
  • Auto mapping
  • Testing the Map

Domain-Value Maps

  • Introduction to domain value map
  • Creating and populating DVM
  • Exporting and Importing DVM
  • Editing DVM
  • Using DVM in transformation

Error Handling

  • Overview of Error Handling
  • Inbound Adapter Error Handling
  • User Error Handling
  • Resubmitting Messages on Errors

Tracking Message Instances

  • Introduction to Oracle ESB control
  • Understanding Instance view elements
  • Enable and disable instance tracking
  • View instance details and Statistics
  • Purging message instances

Administering the Enterprise Service Bus

  • Planning Resources for the ESB
  • Oracle Enterprise Service Bus Clusters
  • Setting Notification Channel

Working with Oracle WSM Component

  • Oracle WSM Components
  • Gateway and Server Agent
  • Policy Management in Oracle WSM
  • Oracle WSM Monitoring and Auditing
Course Duration

2 days