Database 11G Administration

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This is an introductory course for Oracle Database Administrators. This course begins with the Installation and Configuration of Oracle Database. It covers the different database objects and the data dictionary which provides information about the database. It offers details about several Dynamic Performance views that the DBA’s use to perform their day to day tasks. It gives a quick review of Data Access with SQL and PL/SQL.

This course presents the details of Physical and Logical Storage Structures and gives hands-on experience to manage the storage structures. It helps the participant to gain a conceptual understanding of the Oracle database architecture and how its components work and interact with one another. It explicates the User Management that aids in creating user accounts and granting privileges to those accounts by restricting the access to the database to ensure security. It focuses on Backup and recovery techniques which will permit the reconstruction of your database. It gives an outline of Data Guard and RAC concepts.


Good Knowledge of SQL and PL/SQL

  • Installing Oracle Database Software
  • Creating Oracle databases
  • Starting and shutting down the database instance
  • Managing the Database storage structures
  • Managing database objects, such as tables, indexes, and views
  • Managing users and security
  • Perform backup and recovery of a database
  • Monitor, troubleshoot, and maintain a database
Course Content

Database Installation and Configuration

  • Quick Installation
  • Advanced Installation
  • Using DBCA for Configuration

Database Objects

    • Overview of Schema Objects
    • Managing Schema Objects
    • Understanding Non Schema Objects
    • Managing Non Schema Objects

Data Dictionary

    • Introduction to the Data Dictionary
    • How the Data Dictionary is used
    • Dynamic Performance Tables
    • Database Object Metadata
    • Dynamic Performance Views

Transaction Management

    • Introduction to Transactions
    • Managing Transactions
    • Overview of Autonomous Transactions

Database Storage Structures

    • Managing Logical Storage Structures
    • Understanding Physical Storage Structure
    • Working with Control Files
    • Managing Online Redo Log
    • Managing Undo Data

Security and User Management

    • Managing Users and Resources
    • Learning about user Privileges and Roles
    • Auditing Database Use

Oracle Database and Instance

    • Overview of Instance and Instance Management
    • Initialization Parameters

Oracle Database Architecture

    • Memory Architecture
    • Process Architecture
    • Application Architecture

Backup and recovery

    • Consistent and Inconsistent Backup
    • Whole Database and Partial Database Backup
    • RMAN and User Managed Backup
    • Types of Oracle Recovery
    • Recovery Techniques
    • Flash Recovery Area

Performance and Tuning Concepts

    • Oracle Database Performance Method
    • Proactive Database Tuning
    • Reactive Database Tuning

Memory Management

      • Automatic Memory Management
      • Automatic Shared Memory Management
      • Automatic PGA Memory Management

Data Guard Concepts for High Availability

    • Introduction to Data Guard
    • Data Guard Broker Concepts
    • Data Guard Configurations
    • Protection Modes
    • Switchover and Failover Operations

RAC Concepts

    • Installing Oracle Grid Infrastructure and RAC
    • Administering Cluster Databases
    • Monitoring the Clusterware Components
Course Duration

2 days