XML and Web Services Fundamentals Course

Value Beyond Technology

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This course is intended for the Oracle developers to help them get acquainted with SOA principles and prepare them for Oracle SOA Suite training. This course introduces students to the basics of XML and Web services. The students learn how to create an XML document, validate XML documents XML Schema, how to use XPath expressions in XSL to select parts of an XML document to be transformed. The students will learn about building Webservices, SOAP and WSDL.


Oracle SQL and PL/SQL development experience

  • Understand the basics of XML, XSD, XPath, XSLT and WSDL
  • Create and use XML
  • Create and test xsd’s
  • Use XPath to locate nodes in XML and understand the XPath functions
  • Define XSLT and transform data from one XML to another
  • Understand and create WSDL
  • Understand concept of SOAP
Course Content

Introducing the XML Document

  • Describe the XML Document structure
  • List the components of an XML document
  • Create an XML document
  • Create well-formed XML documents
  • Checking XML Document Syntax
  • Describe the need for XML Namespaces
  • Describe the syntax for XML Namespaces
  • Apply XML Namespaces to elements and attributes

XML Schema

  • Create an XML Schema
  • Declare XML Schema data types
  • Validating XML documents with an XML Schema


  • Describe XPath
  • Use XPath expressions
  • Use XPath functions
  • Describe location path

XSLT-Transforming XML using XSL Transformations

  • Describe XSL and XSL Transformations (XSLT)
  • Transform an XML document using XSLT
  • Use Common Elements of XSLT
  • Create XSLT Templates
  • Sort and Filter an XML Document
  • Describe Recursion

Web Services

  • Introduction to Web Services, SOAP, UDDI, WSDL

SOAP Services

  • SOAP Syntax , SOAP Envelope
  • SOAP Header
  • SOAP Body
  • SOAP Fault
  • SOAP Binding


  • WSDL Intro
  • WSDL Documents
  • WSDL Ports
  • WSDL Binding
  • WSDL and UDDI
Course Duration

2 days